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Welcome to Green Pear Group, your one-stop destination for authentic European food and unique entertainment.

Whether you're looking for hard-to-find products to recreate your favorite dishes at home, or you want to experience the flavors of Europe in our restaurant, we've got you covered.



Discover the diverse offerings of the Green Pear Group, encompassing a delightful restaurant experience, a charming café, an exquisite gourmet store, bespoke catering services, and unique branded merchandise, all designed to cater to your culinary and lifestyle preferences.


IMG_0425 (1).HEIC

11 Stars! 🌠One of the most magical places I’ve been blessed to transport and experience within Jersey City!
Moment you see the restaurant down the corner, to precious corner stage upon entering and its aroma of candle, delicious-food and like great hookah without the smoke.


This is a fantastic restaurant. As a Polish-Hungarian American, I have some high-standards when it comes to Chicken Paprikash and Pierogis, and Isabella and Alfredo did not disappoint! All of the food was exceptional, and the owners--and their daughter--are an absolute delight


Necrology Shop

This place is absolute heaven. The food is incredible, the owners are wonderful, and the atmosphere makes me feel right at home. It was love at first bite!

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